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Certificate Course in Research Methodology

The Certificate Course in Research Methodology is designed for Research Students who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills in Research Methodology and Scientific Writing. This programme is mainly focused on the Undergraduates, Master’s students and Ph.D. students. The students will be able to learn about the key concepts of Research Methodology such as Research Problem, Research Design, Sampling Techniques, Data Collection, Data Analysis, etc. This programme aims to explain the concepts within the shortest time possible whilst keeping it simple.

05 Days

Saturday (Night Lectures)


English & Sinhala

Study Method

Online (Via Zoom)

Course Fee

Rs 15000/=


E Certificate (Hard copy on request)

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course unit, the student should be able to perform the following tasks. • State a solid Research Question and/or Research Objective • Write a strong Research Rationale and/or Research Problem • Construct a bulletproof Literature Review • Decide which Research Nature, Design, Approach, and Strategy is the right one for your research paper • Choose the right Sampling Technique along with a representative Sample • Choose an unbiased Data Collection Method

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Research
  • Philosophies and the language of research theory building
  • Identify Troubling Condition
  • Identify Research Gap and Research Problem
  • Formulating Research Objectives, Questions & Hypothesis
  • Preparing Conceptual Framework
  • Conducting a Literature Review
  • Research Design
  • Research Methodology & Data Sources
  • Research Analytical Tools

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