eXelient Higher Education is an academic partner of Synergy University of Russia which provides different kind of education programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

About us

eXelient Higher Education has been providing Education Programmes, Academic Advisory and Research Consultancy for undergraduate and postgraduate students since 2018. Further, the Company has expanded their scope by providing Trainings, Seminars and HR Consultancy Services for working professionals.

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Academic Services

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Personal Academic Assistance

We offer research advices as a part of our Academic Advisory & Research Consultancy Service. Our Personal Academic Assistance (PAA) provides a customized service to the students to get clarified difficult areas in the Research study.

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Data Analysis and Reporting

If you have collected data and have limited time to analyse it or write it up, we can undertake the work for you. We work closely with our clients to ascertain their requirements, so you can be confident when you hand your data to us that we will have a clear understanding of your needs.

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Proofreading and formatting

If you’ve finished writing and would you need to check before publishing, then let us look after your formatting, proofreading and reference checking. We understand these tasks are probably the last thing you feel like doing after completing your work, and are not always the best use of your time.

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