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Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Strategy

Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Strategy (DEDBS) Programme seeks to empower business owners of new ventures, aspiring business managers, and digital-age corporate entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed. The programme helps participants to gain an in-depth understanding of core business principles, business management practices, and polish entrepreneurial skills to ensure a consistent growth of their organization. On successful programme completion, students will acquire skills that will help them enhance their career roles or transform them into a key driver of strategic growth in the business organization they work or own.

6 Months




Study Method

Online (Via Zoom)

Course Fee

Rs 188563/=


Certificate will be issued by the Synergy University. This will be a dual certificate programme with Synergy and eXelient

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Learning Outcomes

For any existing or a new business to succeed, it is important that the business manager or owner possesses abilities to:

  • Identify, incorporate, and assimilate new business trends.
  • Identify opportunities that can be transformed into gains.
  • Identify and target key customer segments, and discard non-customer segments.
  • Devise and implement new strategies that provide them a winning edge in tough economic conditions.
  • Perform with minimal internal resources, and ensure sustainable development.
  • Implement innovative financial and cost management strategies that help them to maintain high operational efficiency, productivity, and continuous money flow in times of crisis.
  • Create value for customers by delivering innovative services, products, technologies, and business models.
  • Build a customer-centric business organization that thrives on the culture of innovation.

Course Content

  • Running a business. Start-ups
  • Basic entrepreneurial skills
  • Managing a team & Leadership
  • Strategic management
  • HR activities
  • Generating Business Ideas
  • Art of Business Presentations
  • Psychology in business activities
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Art of Sales. Managing finances
  • Competition and Enterprise

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