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eXelient Higher Education is dedicated to provide Education Programmes, Academic Advisory, Research Consultancy, Trainings and Seminars as well as HR Consultancy Services. The Company was established in the year 2018 by a team of qualified professionals in different subject areas to cater diversified needs of the professionals.

Our education programmes are operating in virtual (ONLINE) mode covering different areas targeting Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Working Professionals. eXelient has created a niche for its innovative short-term courses through distance education programmes.

Our academic advisory and research consultancy programmes help students to resolve difficulties that arise in different research steps. We have a team of qualified academics to provide Personal Academic Assistance (PAA) throughout the research journey while working with the students to enhance their research skills.

Our Trainings & Seminars provide a great advantage for career progression of adult students and allow them to take personal interest and lifestyle choices into consideration when deciding a career path, and goals can be set based on immediate and tangible objectives.

Our HR consultancy services provide a comprehensive HR consultation based on customer requirements. We consider the impact of main HR functions upon the organization and determine how the Company can gain maximum return from the Key Result Areas. Action plans can then be devised at both the strategic and operational levels.

Our Vision

To enrich human intelligence to meet enterprise excellence

Our Mission

To build professionally qualified SMART performers contributing to one’s own career and life success.

eXelient Higher Education

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